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History.   We make history relevant to the present, and place timeless ideals into modern context.

Spirituality.   We shed light on the spiritual side of life: the role of religion, and how to live a vibrant, purposeful spiritual life.

Health.   Gain health and well-being by using the best tools of modern medicine, holistic practices, and ancient Oriental knowledge.

The arts.   The role of the arts and creativity in shaping our lives and civilization.


Words that educate, ideas that stick.  Teaching students of all ages important principles and tools to better their lives using memorable analogies and mental images in a clear, logical context.


With rhyme and reason.  We say it in verse and on a beat.  Our lyrics and poems may make you laugh, or think, or they will simply open your heart and leave you with greater gratitude for the blessings in your life.


Nicely put

Smart ideas and words of wisdom.   Thoughtful, inspiring, and humorous treatment of a range of subjects from history and spirituality to health and the arts.

Creating imagery.   We know that a picture can be worth a thousand words.  But we also believe that words can be the written brushstrokes in a painting of ideas.  Across topics, formats, and applications, we know how to put it into words.

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