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A unique sound in a wide range of genres  

R&B that is both cool and hot.  A modern feel that is still true to its heritage.

Smooth Jazz, but not too smooth.  A little spunk and a bit of edge keeps it interesting.

Pop ballads that are singable, danceable, and memorable.

Rock that rocks your socks off.  And who knew such a driving beat could sound so sweet?

Country tunes with heart, a little soul, and a twinkle in the eye.

Classical styles with a modern twist.  Honoring tradition from the vantage point of the 21st Century.

We compose, arrange, and produce music in a variety of genres including R&B, Smooth Jazz, Pop, Rock, Classical, and Country.

Sample tracks


Opus 9 Media LLC publishes and licenses music for advertising, music libraries, and promotional packages.


We produce music for use by recording artists; in advertising, film, television, and documentaries; and in multimedia presentations.


Home Visuals

Blue Sky Daydream

Morning Smile


Bhakti Blues

Until We Meet Again


New Beginnings

Waltz at Big Sky

Letting Go

Journey to the Highlands

Acoustic guitar:

Electric guitar: